31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule VII


Section 1. On motion of any party, or on its own motion, the Court may order a pre-trial conference. The pre-trial procedure shall be in accordance with Article 1551 of the Code of Civil Procedure. At the pre-trial conference, all counsel must be fully prepared to inform the Court on all matters pertinent to the issues. The pre-trial conference shall be by telephone, unless a conference is requested by one of the parties and/or ordered by the Court. It shall be the duty of the party who requested the conference to arrange the necessary phone connections, for the time set by the Court. If trial counsel is unable to attend the pre-trial conference, he shall send someone in his stead who will be authorized to enter in stipulations, agreements, admissions of fact or law and be able to discuss all issues of the case, including the possibility of settlement.