31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule XII


Section 1. In ordering subpoenas, attorneys must give the residence of witness, or must state where the witness can be found, if within their knowledge.

Section 2. Orders for witnesses or requests for the issuance of subpoenas must be in writing and must be submitted to the Clerk of Court's office. Subpoenas for witnesses residing in the parish where the trial is conducted shall be applied for at least seventy-two (72) hours before trial. Subpoenas for witness residing outside of the parish where the trial is being conducted shall be applied for at least ten (10) days before trial.


To expedite the trial of cases, and to insure timely subpoenaing of witnesses, attorneys desiring witnesses subpoenaed shall submit a written list of the names and complete physical addresses of the witnesses to the Clerk of Court, at least ten (10) legal days in advance of the trial for those witnesses living in the parish. Costs for subpoenas shall accompany the requests or the subpoenas shall not be issued, except as provided by law.

Section 3. The sheriffs and their deputies shall make personal service of subpoenas for witnesses where possible; otherwise, they must state in their return what efforts were made to make such service.

Section 4. Failure to timely serve subpoenas may result in the denial of continuance should such witness fail to appear.