31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule XVI


Section 1. Court Reporter.

The official Court Reporter shall attend each session of the Court and preform such duties as prescribed by law or assigned by the presiding Judge.

Request by counsel for the transcript of any proceeding in Court shall be by oral motion in open court entered upon the Minutes or by written request therefor directed to the Court Reporter and all costs associated therewith must be paid in advance before any transcription begins.

Section 2. Clerk of Court.

The Clerk of Court or his officially delegated deputy acting as Minute Clerk shall be in attendance at all times while the Court is in session.

The minutes of each session shall be entered into a permanent Minute Book.

The Clerk of Court is not required to accept any civil suit or pleading therein which does not comply with the Uniform Rules of the Court of Appeal.

Section 3. All instructions and orders to the Sheriff and Clerk must be in writing and, if required, shall be produced in Open Court.

Section 4. All stipulations or agreements of counsel must be signed and filed in the record, or they must be announced in Open Court, taken down by the Court Reporter and a transcript of such stipulations or agreements filed in the record.