31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule XXI


Section 1. The Clerk shall estimate costs and send a statement to the appellant and counsel for all parties. The appellant shall remit payment within twenty (20) days, and the Court may grant a twenty (20) day extension for good cause shown.

Section 2. After the record is prepared, the Clerk shall refund any difference or send notice regarding additional costs due, in the same manner as the original statement. Appellant must remit payment of any additional costs within twenty (20) days of mailing of notice.

Section 3. Upon its own motion or the motion of any interested party, including the Clerk of Court, the Court may find that the appellant has failed to pay costs, and the Court may:

      a) Grant an extension of up to thirty (30) additional days; or
      b) Impose a fine on the appellant, the attorney, or both; or
      c) Dismiss the appeal; or
      d) Impose a fine and costs and grant an additional thirty (30) days.