31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule I


Section 1. There shall be no smoking, chewing of tobacco or gum, drinking or eating in the courtroom at any time.

Section 2. Consultation by attorneys with clients and witnesses shall be conducted outside the Courtroom while Court is in session. When consultation is necessary in the Courtroom, it shall be kept to a minimum and done in such a manner as to not disrupt the Court proceedings.

Section 3. Everyone must rise when instructed to do so and upon the opening, closing or declaring of recesses of Court.

Section 4. At no time shall any person approach the bench or walk between counsel table and the bench without first obtaining permission from the Court.

Section 5. Attorneys shall attire themselves consistently with the dignity and formality of appearance before the Court. For gentlemen, this means a coat and tie. For ladies, this means professional attire. All attorneys shall be respectful to the Court and to each other at all times.

Section 6. Witnesses and spectators shall present a neat and clean appearance, within the limits of propriety. The Court will make allowances for those who must appear in working attire.

Section 7. Attorneys in argument shall not interrupt one another, and they shall address all remarks, objections and comments to the bench and never to opposing counsel. Impromptu argument or discussions between counsel will not be permitted.

Section 8. Sketching, photographing, tape recording, video recording and any other documentation of proceedings is prohibited. There shall be no cellular telephones OR beepers in the courtroom. No cameras of any kind shall be permitted in the Courtroom or other location of Court proceedings without the permission of the Judge. This rule shall not apply to ceremonial proceedings which include Law Day celebration, the ceremonial opening of Court in the Fall of each year or any other proceedings in which the Judge may authorize reproduction.

Section 9. Clients and witnesses shall be advised not to bring children to court, except in unusual circumstances where the child(ren) may be called as witnesses. When a child is to be a witness in a proceeding, arrangements shall be made to have child on a standby basis until their testimony is needed, preferably waiting at a location other than the Courthouse. Children, under the age of twelve (12), shall not be allowed in the courtroom without special permission of the Court.