31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule X


Section 1. A case or other matter shall be considered as fully submitted for a decision immediately upon the conclusion of trial or hearing.

Section 2. If the Court, in an exceptional case, orders post-trial or post-hearing briefs, or orders the transcript prepared, plaintiff shall be allowed a maximum of twenty (20) days in which to file a brief; defendant shall be allowed a maximum twenty (20) days from the filing or lapse of time for filing plaintiffs brief (whichever occurs sooner) within which to file a brief. If the defendant timely files a brief, plaintiff shall be allowed a maximum of ten (10) days to file a rebuttal brief. When briefs are ordered, the case or matter shall be considered fully submitted on the day following the day of the latest timely filing of a brief or, at the latest, the day following the last day for filing of briefs. The Court may, upon application in writing and for good cause, extend the time for filing a brief for a reasonable period, not to exceed the original time granted.

Section 3. If a transcript of the evidence, in an exceptional case, is deemed essential and is ordered by the Court, it shall be filed within thirty (30) days following the conclusion of trial or hearing. When necessary, for good cause shown, one (1) extension may be granted by the Court not to exceed an additional fifteen (15) days for filing of the transcript.

Section 4. When post-trial or post-hearing briefs have been ordered, counsel has the responsibility of obtaining the record from the Clerk, and shall return same to the Clerk with the filing of their brief or upon the expiration of the permitted delays, whichever is sooner. After all briefs have been filed, or after the expiration of all delays for the filing of briefs, the Clerk shall deliver the record to the Judge who presided at the trial of the case.

Section 5. All briefs shall be filed with the Clerk of Court who shall note on the brief the date of receipt. A copy of all briefs shall be mailed or delivered to the trial judge. The Judge may refuse to receive or consider a brief filed after the delay for filing such brief has expired.

Section 6. A copy of each brief filed in a pending case must either be handed or mailed to all opposing counsel by the attorney filing same at or prior to the time the brief is filed with the court, which fact shall be made to appear by a certificate of the attorney to that effect endorsed on the brief.