31st Judicial District Court
Jefferson Davis Parish

Jennings,  Louisiana (337) 824-3506

31st Judicial District Court of Jefferson Davis Parish Louisiana
Court Rule XX


Section 1. Each year, on the last day of June, all civil suits in which no action has been taken or no order has been entered for at least one (1) year preceding that date shall be transferred to the Dead Docket. In all such cases transferred to the Dead Docket, refunds shall be made of the unexpended deposits of court costs, if the deposits exceed the costs; or, if the accrued costs exceed the deposit, upon notification by the Clerk of Court, the plaintiff shall make a sufficient deposit to cover such excess. When a case has been transferred to the Dead Docket, no further action shall be taken until the case has been restored to the current docket.

Section 2. A suit which has been transferred to the Dead Docket may be restored to the current docket upon motion of any counsel of record or party to the suit, provided that at the time such motion is made the party desiring to have the case restored to the current docket presents and files a certificate of the Clerk of Court to the effect that some action has been taken in the prosecution of the case within the preceding five (5) years.

Section 3. Not later than January 1st of each year, the Clerk of Court shall present to the Court a list of all actions that have been abandoned under Article 561 of the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure, and which have not been dismissed, and the Judge of the Court forthwith shall enter an Order formally dismissing the same.

Section 4. All civil judgments of dismissal tendered to Judge(s) for signature shall have annexed to them a Clerk's certification indicating that all costs have been paid. No judgment of dismissal shall be signed without the accompanied certificate unless same is waived by the Clerk of Court.